Buyer Generated Invoicing

Faster. Smoother. Lower Cost Supply Chains.

In traditional billing workflows sellers create the invoices and initiate the billing and settlement process. In many large enterprise government sectors, like health services, this has a dramatic effect on the timeliness and efficiency of settlement processing resulting in long payment cycles for suppliers as the payer (Buyer) has to cross check pricing, verify delivery and confirm the suitability and correctness of goods and services supplied. Once audit checks on the services have occured payment processing is approved, scheduled, funded, and then executed.  Buyer generated invoicing can dramatically speed up this process. It moves the responsibility for invoice production to the purchaser allowing the buyer to create invoices containing the line items, quantities and prices buyers have accepted in accordance with pre-approved supply agreements. This gives the Buyer more control and confidence over purchasing procedures, budgets, and forecasted expenditures allowing for faster more streamlined purchasing and supplier payments.


Bill Rush supports buyer generated invoicing modalities that enable supply chain networks to operate more economically for all parties.