A New Machine

Next Generation Billing

Bill Rush is a billing and settlement machine made up of many discrete component parts. Each part can be built and deployed separately. Components are assembled into a system that provides the required functionality. New parts can be easily added without disruption while existing parts can be exchanged and upgraded without impact to users and processes. The IT industry calls systems designed and built in this way as having a micro-services architecture. Its a big deal as it tackles the complexity and cost facing teams who have to build, maintain, operate and support large scale mission critical systems over many years or decades. In short micro-services will result in a new breed of systems that drive better economic outcomes as they are cheaper to nuture, refine and run.

The Bill Rush Kubernetes based micro-services platform.

Bill Rush now brings the benefits of modularity and component based systems to your organisation with a solution built on state of the art enterprise grade open source software. Traditional enterprise resource planning and accounting systems can be replaced with newer more agile billing and settlement components that have a tighter more focused set of revenue operations capabilities making it easy to for Billers to adopt and adapt.

On the Bill Rush platform identity is the perimeter. Everyone and everything is authenticated and authorised. The integrity of the system and the data it contains is secured and controlled with the latest zero trust security models purpose built for internet connected systems. Zero trust security models dramatically improve the integrity of data interchanged between partners in your revenue ecosystem.

This platform provides a gateway into the future of open banking, open data and open finance that will fundamentally transform your business in real and meaningful ways. Bill Rush is a foundational piece of business technology. Use it to build a better business that is easier to operate and grow.